I speak of love that comes to mind:
The moon is faithful, although blind;
She moves in thought she cannot speak.
Perfect care has made her bleak.

I never dreamed the sea so deep,
The earth so dark; so long my sleep,
I have become another child.
I wake to see the world go wild.


―Allen Ginsberg, “An Eastern Ballad” (via 90snymph)
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the area dividing the brain and the soul

is affected in many ways by


some lose all mind and become soul:


some lose all soul and become mind:


some lose both and become:


— Charles Bukowski

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"I’ve had so many knives stuck into me, when they hand me a flower I can’t quite make out what it is. It takes time."
―Charles Bukowski (via pukin)
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"She’s mad but she’s magic. There’s no lie in her fire."
Charles Bukowski (via fuckmetodubstep)
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more wasted days,
gored days,
evaporated days.

more squandered days,
days pissed away,
days slapped around,

the problem is
that the days add up
to a life,
my life.

I sit here
73 years old
knowing I have been badly
picking at my teeth
with a toothpick

dying should come easy:
like a freight train you
don’t hear when
your back is


―Charles Bukowski
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the dead do not need
aspirin or
I suppose.

but they might need

not shoes
but a place to

not cigarettes,
they tell us,
but a place to

or we’re told:
space and a place to
might be the

the dead don’t need

nor do the

but the dead might need

in fact, the dead might need
everything we
we need so much,
if we only knew.
what it was.

it is

and we will all
probably die
trying to get

or die

because we
don’t get

I hope
you will understand
when I am dead

I got
as much


―Charles Bukowski
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"Last night glad news came to the tavern:
I heard from the messenger of the Unseen
‘Why do you sit here so hopelessly sober?
Rise, take the cup from the Saki’s hand and drink!
If your purse is empty
Pawn your puritan’s robe to the vintner.
Why waste your strength in self-denial?
Try one hour with wine and the musician.
When the sea of forgiveness reaches full tide
It will wash away the mountain of your disobedience.
Does the bird of the heart mourn each dawn in his garden?
Does the cockerel crow from the throne of heaven?
If like Hayati you drain the grail of love
Poison will become honey in your mouth.’"

―Diwan-i Hayan Kirmani (translated by Peter Wilson)
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"It is well known that he who returns never left"
―Pablo Neruda
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"I know you like to get me drunk
And laugh at what I say
I’m very happy that you do
I’m thirsty every day"

―Leonard Cohen
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The air is dark, the night is sad,
I lie sleepless and I groan.
Nobody cares when a man goes mad:
He is sorry, God is glad.
Shadow changes into bone.

Every shadow has a name;
When I think of mine I moan,
I hear rumors of such fame.
Not for pride, but only shame,
Shadow changes into bone.

When I blush I weep for joy,
And laughter drops from me like stone:
The aging laughter of the boy
To see the ageless dead so coy.
Shadow changes into bone.


―Allen Ginsberg, “Refrain”